Kyoto Toji Pagoda (By Simone Urbinati)


Service and knowledge.

We, at MKSS, extend this service-mindedness to our offices outside Japan. Our highly skilled and experienced staff, with extensive and detailed knowledge of Japan, will go the extra mile to show you the rich beauty of the country. “Bringing smiles across the miles” is one of our motto´s. Whether we sell you a packaged trip, event or maybe just a train or flight-ticket, for us this is a means to create a memorable experience for you, that starts from the moment you contact us until the point that you return home.

Worldwide network

Having the advantage of a worldwide organization, and a long experience in the industry, we can find an answer to virtually every wish you have. And the moment, during your trip, you change your mind or you experience any inconvenience, there will always be assistance nearby.

We Care!

We will bring customers many "!" and produce stories of unforgettable memories, smiles, and trust.

Customer sensation x smile x trust = Our pleasure

Kyoto Toji Pagoda (By Simone Urbinati)